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People Say I'm Too Pragmatic


Wheatsfield Cooperative

Ames, Iowa

Friday August 1, 2014




People Say I'm Too Pragmatic

Gallery Hop - Junior League of Lexington

Bodley-Bullock House

Lexington, Kentucky


Friday June 20th, 2014


For Immediate Release:

Art show slated for June 4-30 serves as a fund raising opportunity for Friends of the Kentucky Theatre.

Carol A. Whipple, an emerging artist,  invites you to her show at The Kentucky Theater, “Pathways, Portals, and Poetry”  that incorporates poetry by local writers with her works beginning June 4 and ending June 30. Reception with the artist is June 21, 5-8 PM. 10% of sales will benefit Friends of the Kentucky Theatre.

“These images reflect a time of deep personal transformation.  Having aligned myself with the mysteries of life, I find I am being led through new portals and pathways toward my ever-unfolding destiny. This show represents the outer manifestation of that journey”, says Carol A. Whipple.

In Versailles, KY, she creates from a studio in her home; utilizing collage, photography, reclaimed materials and acrylic paint to create bright and colorful abstract images that reflect her interior world.

Carol A. Whipple, artist and activist, provides experiential workshops utilizing dialogue, creative process, meditation and movement. Her areas of expertise are: reconciliation and restorative practices, family, parenting, self-care, Enneagram, healing, and humor. She holds a Master of Science degree in sociology from Oklahoma State University

For more information contact:
Carol A. Whipple

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